Waxing Service

Our wax treatment technicians take the utmost care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin. The wax is applied warm, then removed gently, leaving skin absolutely smooth. This refined waxing and threading technique is comfortable and result-oriented.

We offer strip & brazilian stripless waxing of the whole body and face. You can opt either for regular sugar wax or premium milk & chocolate wax. Waxing is followed by a hot towel sponge & post-paraffin spray to sooth the skin. Astringent massage is given for sensitive skin.

All of our waxes are performed by our experienced wax technicians. Please ask them any questions you may have – don’t worry, they’ve heard it all! They will help guide you through your service. Just breathe and relax.

Unsightly hair can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Angel's I Brow understands how important it is to feel confident in your appearance, for your overall health. This is why we offer body waxing that can help you feel comfortable and self-assured no matter the social situation. Hair removal will rid the body of unwanted hair. Choose from our many waxing salon services, including eyebrow wax, lips wax, under arms wax and much more.

The Advantages of Waxing
  • Unlike other temporary and permanent hair removal methods, both small and large areas of hair can be removed with hot wax. Simply cover the area with wax and use a bigger piece of cloth to remove larger clumps of hair.

  • Some hair removal techniques are only effective on certain hair colors, textures and types of skin. Waxing is not so discriminating and will remove any shade and consistency of hair from all types of skin. Waxing works equally on the finer hair typically found on the upper lip, as it does on the coarser hair typically found on the bikini line.

  • The biggest advantage waxing has over all other types of temporary hair removal is that the hair takes considerably longer to grow back. Although the rate of re-growth can vary between each individual and the efficiency of how the procedure was carried out, typically no hair begins to reappear for over a week – a pleasant relief compared to the unsightly stubble which starts to emerge almost immediately after shaving.

  • If the hair is waxed often enough it can weaken the follicle and cause permanent loss of hair.